删除 Flash Cookies 让 Web 网站无法秘密跟踪您(Delete Flash Cookies to Stop Web Sites from Secretly Tracking You)

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If you like to keep your browsing private, you probably already clear your history and cookies after a session, but your tracks are not completely gone. There’s also another type of cookie to get rid of called Flash Cookies or Local Shared Objects (LSOs). Today we take a look at how to get rid of these pesky files and improve your privacy.

What are They?

Flash Cookies or LSOs are cookie type files used by Adobe Flash Player and they save your settings and preferences when watching video on a website for better playback. They can also store unique identifiers that keep track of the sites you’re visiting. Some of them will also use the collected data to recreate regular tracking cookies even after you’ve deleted them.

如果你喜欢对自己的浏览内容保密,或许在会话结束之后,你已经清理了你的历史记录和cookies,你的痕迹并没有完全被清理干净。还有一种称为 Flash Cookies 或 Local Shared Objects (LSOs) 的 cookies 还没有被清理。今天,我们将看看如何摆脱这些烦人的文件,更好的保护自己的隐私。


Flash Cookies 或 LSOs 是 Adobe Flash Player 使用的 cookie 类型的文件,它们用来保存你对网上视频播放的设置和选项。它们也可以保存你访问过的网站信息。有些保存数据,甚至在你删除追踪 cookie 之后,用来重建追踪 cookie。

Manual Settings

Note: Changing Flash Settings on the Adobe page is kind of weird, so make sure to check things carefully.

One option is to not allow the LSOs on your machine in the first place. To do this, you need to go to the Global Storage Settings panel on the Adobe site (Link Below) and make the appropriate changes. The Settings Manager on the Adobe site is not a screen shot, but is the actual panel for making changes to how Flash will behave in your browser. If you move the slider all the way to None, then when a Flash app wants to use storage space (insert a Flash Cookie) you’ll need to give it permission.



注意:在 Adobe 页上修改 Flash 设置会出现奇怪的问题,请修改前务必确认一遍。

有一个选项是在你的电脑上禁止 LSOs。要这样,先访问 Adobe 网站(链接见下)的 全局保存设置 面板并适当设置。Adobe 网站上的 设置管理器 并非截图,而是一个可用以控制 Flash 在你浏览器中行为的面板。如果那将所有的滑块都设为 None,当 Flash 应用需要储存空间(插入 Flash Cookie)时,它将提出请求。


In this example I set the local storage to None, and now when I go to MySpace and try to play a song, it asks for permission to store the data.


You can also turn them completely off by moving the slider all the way down to none and check the box Never Ask Again. If you this and uncheck the box next to Allow third-party content to store data on your computer, it will keep advertiser flash cookies off your machine, but also makes many flash apps not work.

在下面的例子中,我将设置本地储存为 None ,然后访问 MySpace,尝试播放歌曲,它将提出储存数据的请求。

你也可以通过将滑块滑向 None 并点选永不再问。如果你这么做,并取消对 允许第三方在你电脑中储存数据 的选择,你将不会再看见 广告 Flash cookie 了,但这样会导致很多其它 Flash 应用出错。

To delete existing Flash Cookies, click on the Website Storage Settings tab (located all the way to the right of the screen) and click on the Delete all sites button.

You can right-click on a Flash app on a particular page and change the settings as well. Just remember it will only apply to that app on that page, and won’t change the setting globally.


While this method works, it can be tedious and annoying, let’s take a look at some other solutions.

要删除已存在的 Flash Cookie,点击网络储存设置选项卡(在屏幕的最右边),并点击 删除全部网站 按钮。

你也可以在页面中右击 Flash 应用,选择修改设置。但要记住,这样做,只能修改当前页面的 Flash 设置,而不是修改全局设置。



Delete LSOs in Firefox

For users of Firefox, there is a quality Add-on called “BetterPrivacy” which allows you to delete flash cookies after each browsing session.

After installing BetterPrivacy for the first time, go into Options and you’ll be surprised to see how many LSOs are listed.

You can go in and manage different settings like deleting LSOs on exit, application start, by timer, create a shortcut key to delete LSOs and more.


One neat option you might want to select is to add LSO item to the Firefox “Clear History” dialog which isn’t there without the Add-on.


在火狐中删除 LSOs

火狐用户可以选择一个叫做“BetterPrivacy”的高性能插件,这个插件能够让你在每次的浏览会话结束后删除flash cookies。

第一次安装 BetterPrivacy 后,进入选项,你会惊讶于列出的 LSOs 的数量。

你可以进行其它设置,如“在退出时”、“在启动时”或是“定时删除 LSOs”,或是对删除 LSOs 设置快捷键。


还有一个很实用的方法,你可以通过插件将 LSO 项目加入到火狐浏览器的“历史清理”对话框中。


Using CCleaner

If you use IE or any other browser, then another great option for removing LSOs is with CCleaner. By default the Flash Cookies are set to be removed, but you might want to double check to make sure. In the Cleaner section click on the Applications tab, the scroll down to Multimedia and make sure Adobe Flash Player is checked.

When you run an analysis, you will see the results, double click on Multimedia – Adobe Flash Player to see the what it found.

Depending on how much browsing you’ve done and the last time you deleted the LSOs you might be surprised how many are found. Just click Run Cleaner to get rid of them.



如果你使用的是 Ie 或是其它浏览器,那么使用 CCleaner 清理 LSOs 也很帮。尽管默认 Flash Cookie 被设置为删除,但复发一下也无大碍。在清理模块,点击 应用程序 标签页,下滚到多媒体分类中,确定 Adobe Flash Player 已被选中。

当你进行统计时,你可以看到结构,双击 多媒体 – Adobe Flash Player 一行,你可以详细的看到它的发现。

鉴于你的浏览数量和上次清理的时间,你会惊讶于范县的 LSO 的数量。单击“清理”删除它们。


When you download CCleaner make sure you’re getting the “Slim” version which does NOT include an attempt to add a worthless toolbar to your machine. We have provided a direct link to the CCleaner Slim below. Another option would be to download it from
ninite.com which denies installation of extra Crapware automatically.

Rather than run CCleaner manually, you might want to check out these two articles from The Geek on running it silently via a Hotkey and automatically each night on XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

要下载 CCleaner,你最好下载“精简版”,它不会尝试将一个无用的工具条安装到你的电脑中。在下面我们提供了一个CCleaner 精简版的直接链接。你也可以选择从 ninite.com 上下载它,它会自动拒绝有附带软件的安装。

如果不希望手动运行 CCleaner,你还可以查看来自其它Geek 的两篇关于使用快捷键静默运行和在 XP、Vista 和 Windows7 中每夜自动处理的文章。


For this tutorial we showed Flash Cookies on a Windows system, but they also will show up on your Mac or Linux computer as well. You will need LSOs on your computer for certain Flash Apps to work at the time you’re at the site. However, you don’t need them on your system after you’re done playing a game or listening to music. Flash Cookies are used by websites to track your browsing habits and some recreate regular cookies even after you’ve deleted them. You’ll definitely want to get rid of Flash Cookies (LSOs) if you’re concerned about online privacy. With these tips, and your regular history deletion, it will help you gain better privacy online.


在这篇教程中,我们展现了 Windows 系统中的 Flash Cookie,但它们在你的 Mac 和 Linux 也同样存在。当你在线时,你可能需要 LSOs 来运行一些 Flash 应用,但当你结束游戏或歌曲播放后,你将不再需要它们。有些网站使用 Flash Cookie 追踪你的浏览习惯,有些甚至在你删除常规 cookie 之后进行重建。如果你担心在线隐私,你肯定希望摆脱 Flash Cookie(LSOs)。通过这些技巧,并定时清理历史记录,你将更好的保护自己的在线隐私。

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