7 月份五大令人惊叹的 iOS 库(Top 5 iOS Libraries?—?July 2017)

By | 2018年7月12日

Last month was special for all iOS developers. With iOS 11, Xcode 9 and Swift 4, there’s a lot of amazing new stuff coming our way! So, this month we bring you something a little bit different: instead of just libraries, we are also giving you a selection of open source repositories that show you how to use those amazing technologies that Apple revealed the previous month! This is sure to freshen up your hot summer days!

1. iOS 11 by Examples

This is a collection of no less than 7 open source projects, all showing usage examples of the new APIs and technologies released at WWDC. Seems like a great way to dip your toe into machine learning, augmented reality or some of the other cool new stuff!

上个月对于所有的 iOS 开发人员来说都特别有意义。有了 iOS 11、Xcode 9 和 Swift 4 ,我们又有许多令人惊奇的新东西好玩了! 所以,这个月我们会给你们带来一些不一样的东西,这些不单单只是一些库而已,我们还给你提供一些开放源代码的资源库,告诉你如何使用苹果在上个月披露的那些神奇技术! 这肯定会使你在炎热的夏日感觉耳目一新哦!

1. iOS 11 示例

这是一个不少于 7 个的开源项目的集合,全部都是用来展示 WWDC 所发布的新的 API 和技术的使用示例。 让自己渐渐涉足机器学习、增强现实或是其他一些很酷的新东西,这感觉不错哦!

Core ML

Image classification demo using Core ML framework. Show description of an object on selected photo.


Face detection. Detects all faces on selected photo.

Face landmarks. An image analysis that finds facial features (such as the eyes and mouth) in an image.

Object tracking. Track any object using camera.


Augmented reality experiences in your app or game.

Drag and Drop

Easy way to move content.

Core NFC

Reading of NFC tag payloads. Don’t forget to enable NFC Tag Reading for App ID in the Apple Developer site. Since Xcode 9 beta 2 Core NFC can now be enabled via the Capabilities tab in Xcode.

Note: select CoreNFC-Example scheme and run.



SMS and MMS filtering using IdentityLookup framework. Don’t forget to turn on an extension in Messages > Unknown & Spam > SMS filtering.


它可以识别已经利用上你提供了增强功能设备,或者给你已经认为其不适用的设备打上标记 。

注意:选择 DeviceChecking 场景并运行就可以了。

2. ARBrush

说到增强现实, 现在一定会先到 Apple 发布的 ARKit, 它是目前来说你可以用在一台移动终端上折腾的最实用的 AR 技术了。

Alt text

这个开源的资源库向你展示了如何用 AR 来绘图! 它里面有好多东西可玩,而且上手起来是出奇的容易!

3. YapAnimator

Okay, time for some libaries.

One of the hardest things with animations is getting them to look and feel natural. We are used to the physical world and how objects behave inside it. This is why animations that have “weight”, in other words, that take time and effort to start and stop look more natural.

YapAnimator is a physics-based animation system, which means it has things that make animations feel natural, like inertia and springs, built-in and enabled by default. It helps you create more natural animations, with less code.

3. YapAnimator


动画技术中最难的东西就是让动画看起来很自然。 我们习惯了物理世界,自然而然地明白物体的行为是怎样的。 这就是为什么动画是得有“重量”的,换句话说,让启停都看起来更加自然是需要花费时间和精力的。

YapAnimator 是一个基于物理环境的动画系统,这意味着它有能让动画自然起来的东西,比如惯性和弹簧,这些都是内置并且是默认启用的。它可以帮助你通过较少的代码来创建出更加自然的动画。

4. TinyCrayon

TinyCrayon is a free to use (but ad supported) SDK which lets you add image masking functionality to your iOS app. Your users can take a photo, and then cut out a part of that photo to, for instance, make the background grayscale, or create a “bokeh” effect, the possibilites are endless! It’s fast and easy to use, with great documentation and examples in the repo.

5. DeckTransition

With Apple Music, Overcast, Facebook and a bunch of other apps, it seems like swipeable card layouts are the new thing in iOS! They are great for screens that should always be accessed, like a “now playing” screen in a music app.

DeckTransition is a UI library which manages sliding and animating a card layout. It’s responsive, performant and looks great!

That’s all folks! How did you like our choices? Leave some proposals in the comment section and we might include them in the next list. 

4. TinyCrayon

TinyCrayon 是一款可以免费使用(但是有广告)的 SDK ,可以使你能够为 iOS 应用添加图像蒙版功能。

你的用户可以拍下照片,然后裁剪出照片的一部分,例如,使背景灰度,或是创建出“散景”的效果,类似这样的可能性是无止境的! 它使用起来快速而且容易,资源库中还有优秀的文档和示例。

5. DeckTransition

有了 Apple Music、Overcast、Facebook 以及一些其他 app 身先士卒,可滑动的卡片布局似乎成了 iOS 中的新鲜东西! 它们非常适合用来实现时常被访问的界面,就像音乐应用中的“现在播放”界面。

DeckTransition 是一个 UI 库,可被用来管理滑动和动画卡片布局。它是响应式的,表现和外观都还不错!




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